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UIA and/or MSAA?


UIA and/or MSAA?

Hi all,


We have recently started using the TestComplete Desktop module in our Web project so we can could access MS Outlook.


This went OK using MSAA until we mapped a new Chromium edge browser popup element using UIA.  This configuration change broke the MSAA/Outlook mappings.


Is there any need for MSAA or can I safely disable it?

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Not sure what and how was broken, but if UIA works and you don't need MSAA you may disable the latter.


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Thanks Alex.


I was assuming that but if mappings made in one framework are not compatible with the other.


I have tried MSAA and it seems to offer more properties and so better unique identification.  Although microsoft say they are discontinuing it which is putting me off from using it.

Hi Alex


I've used the following project properties which is UIA but allows MSAA windows to be added as required.


Notepad++ does not map well in UIA for some reason.  In MSAA all it's controls are accessible.  Standard Office apps, browser controls, web content works with the settings below:


Open Applications:
		The remainer can be in any order.
		Disable "Use native object names for TestComplete object names"
		Set method invoke timeout = 3000 ms
		All disabled.
		Add as required for applications that do not map in UIA.
		Disable "Work with MSAA objects in a mode compatible with TC6 and earlier"
	Process Filter: Use all processes.
	UIA Automation:
		List of accepted windows:
			[x]		*


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