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Two TestCompletes Network Connection

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Two TestCompletes Network Connection

Hello All,


I am new to TestComplete and would like some guidance on how to connect two computers locally such that one is a master that creates the test and the slave machine runs the tests. I have two separate laptops each with their own license of TestComplete v12 Node Locked.

I have also heard that I need a Floating license if I am going to run tests through computers over a network of any kind. Is this correct? Any advice or help is appreciated.


Thank you







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Any computer that has a TC license can create or run tests.  There won't be anything special in TC that you have to set up if you want to designate one computer for creating tests and one for running them.  If you want your two computers to access the same tests, then just make sure that they both have access to the same folders in Windows.  Alternatively, you can have your tests in source control and commit/retrieve them that way.


A floating license is used when you want to share one license amongst multiple users.  It's not related to working over a network.

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