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The tcCRHost.exe process crashed Chrome tests

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The tcCRHost.exe process crashed Chrome tests

For me Chrome version 113 now works with TC again, Edge still does not work.

However an old bug came back from 2017 where tcCrHost.exe crashes


I noticed Chrome worked again (I had no update, it just works again?).

Even the dialog boxes work again, This made me a happy man.



I changed my tests to stop using the work around and start using that dialog box.

Now when running the whole project I get this error:





Maybe I'm just a little too fast and should wait for the update, I just hope this fix will also be within that update since it breaks the tests again.


Anyways thanks to the developers who are on this issue,

I see a lot of complaints and honestly they kinda sorta fixed it in a week.

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Since Chrome and Edge v113 has stopped TC from working, it will most likely cause other issues as well. It's best to wait for a fix. 

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@rraghvani  I agree however I hope this bug is not in the actual update

I editted my support ticket for Chrome not working and I send them this info aswell.

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I also am experiencing Chrome and Edge issues as of Monday
I hope a solution comes soon.

It's impacting automation for a lot of folks !

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I had installed the newest update today, but this issue is still there.

I never had this issue before V113. Does anyone else have this problem?

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