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TestExecute with AzureDev Ops

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TestExecute with AzureDev Ops

hello guys, 


I am using TestComplete/Test Execute and we are migrating to AzureDevOps running tests.png

I have troubles in configuring the Azure Pipelines to run only the selected testcases from the group/subgroup. The documentation is not that detailed on how to create the filter. This belongs to the Project1. The entire main project suite is structured like this, with groups/subgroups and enabled/disabled tests/subgroups in order to distinguish between the main execution and the individual execution. 

Can anybody help me here ? Thanks.

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What happened when you tried the setup that you showed us?

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If I configure the pipeline with the Filter: 

testFiltercriteria'Project=Project1&Group=Group1' => it run all tests, even the ones which are disabled
If I configure the pipeline with the Filter:
testFiltercriteria: 'Enabled=True&Project=Project1&Group=Group1' => nothing is executed
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