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TestComplete Jenkins Plugin as administrator

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TestComplete Jenkins Plugin as administrator

 I am using the plugin for automated testing through jenkins, however I am having a problem running an app that needs to be ran as administrator. The tests works when I run TestComplete as an administrator, but not when I run TestComplete through the Jenkins Plugin. Is there a way for the plugin to run TesctComplete as an administrator, or process a UAC click. 


When our application is not ran as administrator, TestComplete has trouble registering any recorded actions following the windows prompt to allow the application to run. When I run TestComplete as adminstrator the prompt to allow our app doesn't appear and TestComplete is able to record all of the actions. Please give me a suggestion on how to attack this problem.


I am having the same issue - it seems that the following document refers to using Java Web Start as a Service to use elevated privileges but my issue is that I want to run directly from the master node and not use a slave node. Does anyone know if this is possible?

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