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TestComplete 14 recognize objects as windows


TestComplete 14 recognize objects as windows

Hello Everyone,


Previously I worked in Test Complete 12.60 V and in that Objects are recognized as VCLObjects .

Now, I have converted the project into TestCompete 14 but, objects are recognized as Windows.

 I have also checked in File|Extensions whether the delphi recognized is enabled or not.

I dont't understand why can anyone please help me with it?


The Object spy recognize the same Object for TC12 and 14 differently as stated below

in TC12 as : Sys.Process("OmegaClient2").VCLObject("MainForm").VCLObject("ClientArea").VCLObject("NavBar")

in TC14 as: Sys.Process("OmegaClient2").Window("TMainForm", " OMEGA Client 2! (", 1).Window("TcxGroupBox", "", 1).Window("TdxNavBar", "", 1)


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What version of Delphi is the application under test written in?  It's possible that the application you're testing is written in a deprecated version of Delphi as I recall some older versions have had their support ended in one of the TC 14 versions.

Also, in the help for TC 14, there is the following.

A Delphi application compiled for an earlier version of TestComplete works incorrectly

Delphi applications that were compiled for earlier versions of TestComplete may function incorrectly in TestComplete 14. In earlier versions of TestComplete, to be able to get access to Delphi application’s internals, you had to recompile the application with helper tcOpenApp.pas, tcOpenAppClasses.pas and tcPublicInfo.pas files supplied with TestComplete. In TestComplete 14, these files are no longer used.

To resolve the issue, remove the above mentioned files from your Delphi project and rebuild it. See also Migrating Projects Created in Earlier Versions to TestComplete 14.

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Thank you tristaanogre, great answer. 


Hi @sivakarthik , did you manage to solve the issue? Please share the solution with us if there's one.

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