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TestComplete 12/Google Chrome/Win 10: Only Small Portion of Screen is Highlighted


TestComplete 12/Google Chrome/Win 10: Only Small Portion of Screen is Highlighted

Previously on Windows 7, had no issues highlighting full web page on screen when navigating to the Object Browser and selecting "Highlight On Screen".  


Now in Windows 10 using Google Chrome (version 56), only a very small portion of the screen is being highlighted.  This is causing my objects not to be found on screen, thereby failing all of my test scripts. See attached screen shot for an example of this.


I have a three monitor setup (Laptop screen and two additional monitors) Resolutions are: Laptop: 1920 x 1080, Screen 1: 1920 x 1080, Screen 2: 1440 x 900.  Highlighted area is a little larger on the laptop monitor, smaller on the second and very small on the third.  In addition I am running Windows 10 64 bit.  


Both Edge and Firefox work without issue on my laptop display.  Same issue above is noted if I place my web browser on either the second or third monitor. 


I have gone through all of the setup options for Chrome in the Prepping of Web Browsers support article ( and ensured my zoom is at 100%.   


I am not sure if this is due to my resolution or some other environmental setup.  NOTE:  I have reinstalled the Test Complete 12 Extension for Chrome, and ensured it was enabled. 


Are there any suggestions? 

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Not sure if it helps, but try to check that screen scaling is set to 100% :

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I have the same problem for some pages in IE and some in Chrome. And yes I have done all of the browser setups. I have a ticket into SmartBear but no answer yet. The IE bug is so bad it makes the browser refresh. I hope they fix it soon.

Wondering if anyone has any other suggestions here?  Nothing has worked at this point. 


Maybe SMARTBEAR can answer?

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Could just be that your browser updated and the TestComplete extension is now invalid.

If that is the case you will need to wait until they decide to release an update for the extension.

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Chrome version 56 is currently supported in TC 12.  Go to About | Check for Updates and see if there is an update available.  Download and install if it is.

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