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Test Complete, JUnit, and Jenkins - aggregate test results

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Test Complete, JUnit, and Jenkins - aggregate test results

We just turned on JUnit style reporting because Jenkins has several other plugins that really make this look cool.  The TestComplete documentation mentions the Test Results Analyzer plugin ) but I would really like to aggregate results before doing so.  I have found some information on how to do this, but it seems that I need the test results saved as artifacts (and fingerprinted).  I do not see where the TestComplete plugin / jenkins is storing the JUnit report from the TestComplete plugin.  


Am I on the right track for aggregating JUnit test results in an upstream project regarding archiving artifacts and fingerprinting?  Is anyone else doing this?  How?



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Update:  I was able to find the junit xml that is generated by the TC plugin.  It seems to be an artifact of jenkins itself.... on the Jenkins Server, in the job folder, for the output of a given run the junitResult.xml file is located next to the build.xml and changelog.xml (one level above archived artifacts).


below is an example where "jenkins" is the jenkins server installation and "smoketest" is the name of the jenkins job:




I dont see anywhere in the job workspace (on the client machine) where this file is saved, thus I am not sure how I can archive it.  


I have to the same problem. I switched on the Post-build step: "Aggregate downstream test results". This comes from the JUnit Jenkins Plugin.


Although the TestComplete Results are displayed in the daughter page, the mother page does not show anything.


My first idea is to used the "Publish Junit test result report" step in the daughter step, to get this done? Did you have success in the meantime?



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