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8 years ago

Test Complete and Jenkins

From TC help document



Run interactive user session – Specifies whether an interactive user session that will be used to run TestComplete test. If this is not selected and Jenkins runs as a service, your TestComplete tests will fail. This option will work only if you use TestComplete 10.60 or later. For more information on when you need to use this option, see Requirements.

    User – The user profile that will be used to run the test.

    Password – The password used to log in to the user account.

    Use active session – Specifies whether an interactive user session will be used to run a TestComplete test. If selected, TestComplete will run in the currently running session. Otherwise, Jenkins will close all applications, log off, log on under the specified user account and start the test.
    Note: 	Jenkins will not stop the user session if another user is logged on

When i put a value to Use active session, it is closing all applications and Log off from the server instance But after that it is displaying below error.

[TestComplete] Test runner exit code: -10 (Unable to create a user session).

It is running when when Use active session set to true.


What is the purpose of setting the value to false which is not working? Any info would be good.




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