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TE does not see libraries and files inside the project


TE does not see libraries and files inside the project

My project structure includes a .py file with 'test steps' and a .py file with step definitions. I did not make any changes in the project structure, but all my tests fail with errors indicating that my 'steps' are not defined. It also says that some libraries are missing, but they are in place. And it worked fine just couple of days ago. 

The issue appears on virtual machine with Test Execute. The same project works fine on my host machine.

It happened before, but I don't remember how it was solved (maybe it just had gone...)... I did an install repair for TE,but it did not help.


Any ideas?

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Question: Are you running this as part of a distributed test within TestComplete or is this a TestExecute stand-alone session on your VM?

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I'm not sure I know anything about distributed test... but there is no TC installed on this virtual machine. TE only.

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First of all be sure that they are installed on the TE machine.

What libraries are you talking about?

How do you import them in your test scripts?



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Does this thread help: ?

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Guys, the problem is that the project STOPPED working.

I did not import anything new or changed anything.


TE STOPPED seeing method definitions imported from another .py file inside the project.

That means my statements:

'import requests '


'from my_second_file import *'

stopped importing anything.


TE says 'no module named requests' and 'some_my_method is not defined' (for all methods)


The same project works fine on my host machine (also did not change anything here).


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Something HAD to change. Software doesn't change itself. 


Have you tried re-copying your project from the known working machine to the VM?


Are you using any kind of source control that you could revert to a previous state?


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Both machines use the same code (via Git).

The only difference is that my host machine executes it with Test Complete, and my virtual machine - with Test Execute.

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Do you have an original Python interpreter installed on your machines (I mean another than built in TestComplete/Execute)?

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