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8 years ago

Extend Python 3 Libraries inside testComplete

Hello TestComplete Support,


 Using TC12 has been useful to automate Android applications. We currently need to send XML messages to a Webinterface to send Data that is used by the Android app.


To do this we need to import the packages urllib, urllib2 to extend this funcionality to TestComplete.


Kindly let us know a official procedure to import packages inside the C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestComplete 12\Bin\Extensions\Python\Python34 Folders as PIP is not available.




Vikram U

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    8 years ago

    No need to install anything in this case.

    As Colin_McCrae said just use 


    from urllib.request import what_you_need

    urllib.request and urllib.error libraries are native also for Python 3

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