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Still the Consistency Issue

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Still the Consistency Issue

IO seem to be getting mixed results from machine to machine. I am getting different results from two different work environments.


From a docking station with a full monitor the tests work perfectly fine.

When I move out side the docking station (laptop screen) the test perform far different.

Any suggestions.  Please do not ask me to watch 100, 200 and 300. 

I get more consistency when scripting, however our firm wants to do as little scripting as possible. 


Hi there!  Most likely the resolution of the screen is causing the problem due to the fact that TestComplete does capture coordinates within objects when recorded.  Try going through your click steps and set them to -1, -1.  See if that fixes the issue.

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That is a suggestion for sure -and may work.   Still it is a bit kludgy (spelling) for an established software especially when you have a large quantity of scripts. Thank you for taking the time for your response. Happy Friday

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 test perform far different.

Any more details? Like those you'd provide your developers with when notifying them about issue in the software you are testing.



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