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SmartBear licenses - disable due to cloning -> re-activation problem

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SmartBear licenses - disable due to cloning -> re-activation problem

Hi SmartBears,


I have a problem with our licenses for TestExecute and TestComplete licenses. This problem occured at July  1, 2016, when after start of testComplete or TestExecute application this error message windows showed:

The product license installed  on your License server is bound to some other hardware. Please contact your License server administrator.

…and applications can not start. I tried to repair it, but not fully successful, see below.


On the License Manager application on our server with SB product I saw these information:

Disable due to: Cloning (Hardware Change)


But we didn`t change any hardware, we only start a new time term of Renewal Maintenance. 


So I everything wrote in email to '' and they recommended me to write my problem here. I attach my email here with all details - so there are all our licenses and from that I don`t like it, but I have no choice to report it.


So, I need your help to activate all  our valid and payed licenses for TestComplete and TestExecute.

Could you help me with it, please?



Best Regards,

Jana Horackova

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi Jana,


Thanks for posting your question here.

However, to resolve it, we need to know more license details from you. Thus, could you please submit the issue to our TestComplete Customer Care Team?

Once you fill in the Contact Form, you can chat with our support engineers online.

Thanks in advance.

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

Hi Tanya,


thank you for your answer and reaction.

Now, I communicate with Debra from SmartBear Customer Care team, through Case #00182313. I think, that our problem we will solve through the Case only and this Message line here we can close.


Thanks and regards,




We encountered the same issue on cloning, temporarily we generate emergency license for us to proceed testing. Can you also help use resolve the cloning issue? Do we need another license since the license we've been using was already disabled?


Please see attached photo.







Hi Jhon,


I would recommend contact Support directly via the form.


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