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Shared resources and Files

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Shared resources and Files

Hi guys,


A have multiple tests that has to be run on several versions of the same executable.

For doing this, I use "pointers", I mean I have one project with genuine resources (scripts, namemapping, stores) and I create several projects that contain resources added "as an existing item".

I don't know if I'm doing wrong, but when I add a Stores\Files item, I always had to be in the genuine project. If not, it would not say anything particular but just don't update de Stores\Files.





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OK, first of all, @Pasqualle , that's not exactly a helpful answer and sounds more like a bot reposting some scraped and pasted text from somewhere else...hopefully this is not the case.


@m_essaid , while most items can be added as Existing Item as you've done, I believe that there are a couple that still need to be unique to the project, Stores being one of them.  I think that adding the Stores item has to be as a "new" item but adding the individual files can still be done as Existing sub-items under Stores.

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Hi Robert,

Sorry I think we are talking about two different things, I'll try to make my english good enough to be understood.

First, you cannot add into the same ProjectSuite two projects that shares the same Sources\Files, even if you just add Files into a genuine Sources. This is a huge limitation of TC to my opinion, but that's not the point.

I was saying that, using a Project that have added "as existing items" Stores\Files, you cannot add files in it. It says that the file is added, but when you save and exit, you could notice that the file has been physicaly copied to the folder but not added in Files.tcFiles.

You have to open the Project that have genuine Stores\Files to be sure that the file has been taken into account.

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