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10 years ago

Sharing Project File While Designing

We are trying to design tests using a share project file (pjs) on the server but battling conflicts between developers. It seems to happen if a node is enabled or disabled or a new name mapping is created which is causing work to be lost. What is the best practice for multi-user to design tests? How do share name mapping?
  • Our whole project is in Subversion and we each check out our own copy.

    If I add or change a keyword test, I add it to Subversion or check it in on my own and let the group know.  Whoever needs the test can update to get a new copy.

    For the name mapping, there is a Merge with function in TestComplete.

    I give a copy of my name mapping file to the lucky person who gets to do the merge this week.  All updated name mapping files are merged in one at a time and conflicts are resolved on the one local machine.  That person checks the final file back into subversion and we each update ours from there.

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