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Scheduling TestComplete Jobs


Scheduling TestComplete Jobs

Has anyone set up a Autmation Test environment using Zephyr's Vortex and either TestComplete or TestExecute? How are you scheduling new test runs?


Vortex doesnt have the option to schedule tests (ie Every 1st of the month at 2am etc), is there another way to do this?



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If you run your tests on a Windows machine you could use Windows Task Scheduler [reference]

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Create a TestComplete project and write the test cases you want to run.
Create a TestComplete project suite and add the TestComplete project to it.
Open the TestComplete project suite and navigate to the 'Schedule' tab.
Click the 'Add Task' button and select the project you want to schedule.
Set the date and time for the task to run. AIM Provider Portal
Choose the frequency of the task (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly).
Select the machines on which you want to run the task.
Set the email notifications if required.
Click 'OK' to save the task.

Unfortunetely we are a secure organisation and features like Task Scheduler are locked down. 


Thanks for the suggestiong though. Still think it would be slicker in Zephyr.

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