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Same exe two names mapped together


Same exe two names mapped together

My company is currently working on a newer version of our exe and they want to name it something else for the time being. As far as i can tell testcomplete does not handle this well, none of the name mapping works right.  If i change the name of the exe and run it fron a seperate bin dir then the tests run as though nothing changed. So within the exe everything is identical but the offical app name in windows would be different. Is there a way to handle this without having 2 full mapping/code bases?


If that does not make senese imagine haveing foo.exe and bar.exe yet they are both identical how i can make foo and bar use the same mapping?


I am working with my devs to see if i can just get them to put in a differnet bin dir such as:

"binfoo/foo.exe" and "binbar/foo.exe"  


Seems like that is the most simple fix but i want to make sure i am not missing some built in feature of test complete here that i should know how to use. 




Re: Same exe two names mapped together

I hunted around and think i found a solution in case anyone else has this kind of issue. You can add conditionals to namenapping. So i just added an or.

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