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Running different tests on Multiple Machines

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Running different tests on Multiple Machines


I was wondering how do people go about running different Tests (at the same time, e.g Overnight) on multiple machines?

for example we have:

 System 1  running TestA

 System 2  running TestB

 System 3  running TestC

We would like to increase the number of systems running different tests but don't really want to have full systems if we don't need to..

(Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor takes up too much space! : )  & our test can take a few hours to run!

how do people do this...?

kindest regards

Kay Chamberlain
Leica Microsystems Cambridge Ltd

Hi Kay,

You can launch your tests in different rdp sessions simultaneously via command line.

You will just have to create a batch file for this and place it on schedule (e.g. in task scheduler).


We use several VM images to accomplish exactly this.

Each VM connects to a network drive where TestComplete project sources are located.  We use Windows Scheduler to launch the test automatically.  I have written WScript to launch TestExecute as needed.

VMs also revert back daily, so we can restart the test with fresh OS the next day.  This works well testing the daily build of our software. 
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