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Run SQL file

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Run SQL file

My problem is:

I have a very large sql to run, and my idea was to externalize this sql to an external file and just run it through testcomplete is there any way to accomplish this? my database is oracle my application is descktop


please review similar posting in the community


I would also make sure that you can connect to the database from the machine where TestComplete is installed say from an odbc datasource configuration setup

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I read that but i don't understand how to do . 


I can connect to the database, but to run large sql is a lot of work to do with the code (because it needs the string to be in a specific format to be recognized with delphiscrit for the string to be accepted) so the idea of ​​externalizing the file

So the SQL you want to execute, can you run it say from a batch file outside of TestComplete?. If so you one way is to add your batch file as a TestedApps object and run it:




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