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Repeat Exists (Avoid Writing Log Errors) Python

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Repeat Exists (Avoid Writing Log Errors) Python

This is a script I have pared down in the utter hope I can make my slf clear.


I an using different users in loops and some elements do not exist for certain users. 

I am using exists to see if an item exists,

If it doesn't exist, it writes errors to the log.--I dont want this.

Documentations says to use this methodology.


if (Sys.Process("notepad").WaitWindow("#32770", "About Notepad", 1, 5000).Exists):
  # Notepad is running
  # Notepad is not running

My code snippet


def a1():
# # finds the link and verifies it exists on page
# myLinkXPath = "//a[text()='Purchase Inquiry']"
# myTestLink = JCCommon.verify_link(myLinkXPath)
# myTestLink.Click()
browser = Aliases.browser
CurrPage = browser.Page("*")

myPT = CurrPage.FindElement("//font[.='Purchase Types']")      

if myPT.Exists:                                              -This works or throws an error if it doesn't exist.
Log.Message("I am the Rain Queen")

if myPT.WaitWindow("#32770","Wait Window",-1,10000).Exists: Per Documentation however this doesn't work. 
Log.Message("Found Purchase Type Header")
Log.Message('Not Found Purchase Type')
except Exception as e:
myErrMessage = JCCommon.capture_error(e)


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"Documentations says to use this methodology" - which document are you referring too?


So you output a message "I am the Rain Queen" if you have found the element "Purchase Types" in your web page?


You are then waiting for a window or dialog to appear named "Wait Window", which doesn't appear? So it performs the code for "Not Found Purchase Type". I don't understand what except does?


Use the code editor to attach your code, as it keeps the format



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I think the call to FindElement is probably the one that is logging the error.  You can use other alternatives such as FindElementand then get a list of elements (list would contain nothing in this case) and go from there.      


I do agree that when FindElement cannot find something it logging an error is problematic, and it would be good if they had an optional parameter to log an error or not.   

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Thank for the reminder on the code editor. Didn't know anything about that.


I have a large script that loops through many user types.


And for certain user's objects are not there, 


So I am using exists to find the objects, and then for other users it writes an error. (Which I would prefer not to happen)


It is actually discussed in the forum here.


.Exist method or alternative to determine whether ... - SmartBear Community


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