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Refresh the browser page

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Refresh the browser page

Hi all,


I need to refresh the browser within my tests, like doing an F5 on the browser.

The "Browsers.Refresh" method seems not suitable for my scope (it refresh the object tree within TestComplete, but not the browser page).

Is there a method to refresh the browser page?

I would not to be bound to use the Keys method with F5 (in this case, I'm bound to have the focus on the browser page).




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Why not use the F5 refresh and then reset your Focus?   You can save the object name before you use F5 if you need to.

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Yes @Marsha_R , but I was looking for a specific method, more reliable, to be used for the browser to refresh it, and it seems strange that it is not existing and that the only way is to press the F5 key within the code. 




Refresh (F5) in browser essentially requests page a-new from web server.

So you may use .Navigate() or .ToURL() methods to refresh the page.

While I am with Marsha and would use F5 unless there are some specific requirements/conditions.


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