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Reboot PC during test execution and retain Jenkins connection

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Reboot PC during test execution and retain Jenkins connection


I am currently working on a desktop application upgrade testing which requires multiple reboots of the environment (VM) during test execution. I am planning to schedule this using Jenkins. The test script works well when run manually. However, when run using Jenkins, because of the reboot, the connection is lost and Jenkins reports it as a failure with the message.

20:12:10 [TestComplete] Test runner exit code: 1073807364

May I know if anyone has come across such a problem and any viable solutions please.


Thank you


Hi @mazahar-shaik -


I would suggest taking a look at this information to see if it helps:


Let me know if you have further questions.


Hi @ebarbera,

Thank you for the link. But, the problem described in the link is different to mine. Since I am using TC jenkins plugin, I think that the plugin has to have a way to detect the host (jenkins agent) reboot and wait for it to be up and running and continue with the remaining tests. At the moment, TC plugin incorrectly detects the TC controlled agent reboot as a failure.

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