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Querying a SQL Server DB and returning more than one column

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Querying a SQL Server DB and returning more than one column

Instead of recording a script, I am attempting to query a given database table myself. I am able, but I am only able to return records for one column. Is there a way I can append to what I have here in the while loop to add columns and view like a table in my log? My sample code:

function RunSimpleQuery()
var AConnection, RecSet;
//Create ADO connection
AConnection = ADO.CreateConnection();
AConnection.ConnectionString="Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=*******;Initial Catalog=*******;Data Source=*******";
RecSet = AConnection.Execute("SELECT * FROM someDB.SomeTable WHERE statuscode != 4");
Log.AppendFolder("This is a test");
while(! RecSet.EOF )



Like I said, I have more than one column to return in results for log. Any help would be appreciated.

Stephen Madden

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You're not going to be able to write out a table in your log.  However, you can write out the values to a file, e.g. a CSV file, and then attach the file to your log.

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Hello scmadden


"Is there a way I can append to what I have here in the while loop to add columns and view as a table in my log?"


Yes, there is a way to achieve this and see results in Your log results.


1) Store data in an object, using a while loop or another simple solution in Your code.

2) Create a html string using this object:



let html = "<table style=\"width:100%\">";
html += "<tr>";
html += "<th>Your data</th>";
for (let x = 1; x <= length; x++) {
  html += "<th>Value" + x + "</th>";
html += "</tr>";
html += "<tr>";

3) use these values in Your log report using




var attr = Log.CreateNewAttributes();
attr.ExtendedMessageAsPlainText = false;
Log.Message("Check table Values", html, 300, attr);


Check values in log and see the table in the "deails" tab.



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Thanks for the help,  Tristaanogre, Wamboo!


@scmadden, do the suggestions help you resolve the issue? Please share your solution with us.



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