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Project suites, projects, and TestExecute floating licences

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Project suites, projects, and TestExecute floating licences

Hi all,


I already talked about this point previously but I would like to create a new thread.


I have basicaly 4 projects. They are part of a project suite.


I have now 2 TestExecute (TE) licences.


All day long I correct the night issues on my script and I devellop new scripts. The night, the is a batch that successively run the 4 projects.


Lucky me, I will have with my 2 TE licences 2 different MV. Hopefully, because I have a bug while using windows in my physical machine which makes me difficult playbacks with TestComplete.


With this settings, I could run daily 2 differents projects on the 2 differents TE simultaneously and I still can work on my physical machine on other points.


My question is : do I optimize TC/TE with this settings ? Do the architecture of the whole projetcs and executables are correct ?


Thanks for any advice,



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