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Project suite or project or project units cannot run after restarting using either TestCOmplete 7.52 or TestExecute 7.52

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Project suite or project or project units cannot run after restarting using either TestCOmplete 7.52 or TestExecute 7.52

I have a situation where we are unable to run the project suite ONLY after restarting the machine or relogging to the machine or the

machine goes to the Screen saver mode. The problem exists if i launch

the testcomplete 7.52 or TestExecute 7.52 and then load the project

suite and then run it. The problem does not exist if i start running

the project suite directly from the pjs file. The biggest problem is that,

if we run these project suites in the distributed netowrk (i.e form

the master suite on a master machine), it just launches the

testcomplete or testexecute tool on the slave machine and opens the

project suite, and exists the tool becaue of the issue. No scripts were ran and no log is

generated in the master project.

We were running the same master suite and same slave suites on teh

same mahines with TestComplete 7.1 & TestExecute 7.1 and we never had

these problems. We have started migrating all these projects from

TestComplete 7.1 to TestComplete 7.52 two days back. Since then all the

smoke & regression test cases were failing  in the distributed network for all the applicaitons.

Immeadiate help is greatly appreciated.


Hi Kavitha,

To help us investigate the problem, please follow the steps below:

1. Download a free trial version of AQtime 6, which is our profiling tool, from our web site. The trial can be requested here.

2. Install the tool.

3. Start AQtime.

4. Select the 'File | New Project From Module...' main menu item.

5. In the Open File dialog, select the TestComplete.exe file and click Open.

6. Take a look at the AQtime toolbar - there is a combo box. Open it and select the "Tracing | Exception Trace Profiler" item.

7. Select the "Options | Options..." main menu command - the Options dialog will appear.

8. Set the "Profiling Time | Event View | General | Exceptions | Depth shown" setting to 100 and click OK.

9. Click the Run toolbar button (the green arrow) or press F5 to start the profiling.

10. AQtime will start TestComplete and trace all exceptions that will occur in the application until it is closed.

11. Reproduce the problem in TestComplete.

12. After the problem occurs, right-click somewhere within the Event View panel (it is opened by default at the bottom of AQtime's window) and select the 'Save All...' item.

13. Save the panel's contents to an HTML file and send me the file via our [url=]Contact Support form.

Also, please record a video demonstrating the issue and send it to us. To record a video, you can use Jing - a free screen capture tool.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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