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Problem with PictureObj.Stretch(Width, Height)

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Problem with PictureObj.Stretch(Width, Height)


I want use this picture methods "stretch"  PictureObj.Stretch(Width, Height)  in TestComplete5 with VBscript like this:

    Set ObrazokObj = Sys.Desktop.Picture



But I cant run the script, because I got this error:

    Syntax error

    At "



    error 100:Syntax error while processing ",".

I don't understand why, can you pls write me how Can I change this methods of picture ? or other oportunity how to reduce size of image ? (I dont want use PictureObj.size)

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Change your code to the following:

    Set ObrazokObj = Sys.Desktop.Picture

    Call ObrazokObj.Stretch(800, 800)

    Call ObrazokObj.SaveToFile("D:\plocha.png")

I'm no VB expert but IIRC, if you're calling a method on an object, you need to preface the line with "Call".  The above works fine.

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Hi Matus,

As Robert said, you need to call the Stretch method by using the Call statement. However, you can also call the method in the following way:

I recommend that you read the MSDN 'Call Statement' article for more information.
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Thank you very much,

I don't see this mistake and 2 my frineds too 😄 other point of view everytime help.
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