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Performance issue before opening the page into the browser

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Performance issue before opening the page into the browser

Hi all,


I've got some performance issues when the UI tests are executed into the release machine, on the initial phase execution: the browser is opened, but then it remains in Playback for lot of seconds (at least 15-20 seconds) before writing the url. Just to explain better:

- Test Execute is started

- The browser is opened (I'm using Edge)

- Test Execute remains with the "Playback" information, and the browser displays the browser home page (about:blank for me)

- after lot of seconds, the url is finally written and the page is opened


It appens only if I execute the tests on the release machine, it doesn't appens on my local machine.


What could be the reason why Test Execute takes long time to write the url in the browser and it remain in Playback status?


Thanks a lot



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Does this happen on the release machine if you use a different browser?

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Hi @Marsha_R , 


do you think that it could be an issue coming only with Edge browser?

I've not the possibility to quickly try with another browser, but if you need a test I will do it.





Could be, but maybe first just check that your browser versions are the same on the machine where it works and where it doesn't.  Since your test runs on other machines, we need to figure out what's different between those and the one where it doesn't work.


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It is the same version on both machines: Microsoft Edge 87.0.664.75 (64 bit).


On the release machine (where there is the performance issue), I'm launching the tests using the "Visual Studio Test" task for Test Plan.



Can we see the code for starting TestExecute please?

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I think Test Execute is automatically launched by the AzureDevOps task, is it not so?


I've added the TestComplete test adapter installed, by specifying TestExecute:


and then the Visual Studio test task to run the Test Plan:




Is there any other way to get the real code that starts Test Execute, as you asked?





Hi all, 


any suggestion about this topic?




Hi Simona,


I would ask Support...


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