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Object shifted in app

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Object shifted in app

Hi All,


I have an issue with test complete.

All object in app where frontend is written in javaFX are shifted like in example.

Cancel button is recognized higher than it is.

App is in full screen mode.

Can you advise?




Hi @piotrtulazinski 


Is this an existing test now failing due to some change, or a brand new test? Could you show a screenshot of the test? I'd like to discern how the object is being recognised and mapped, either by NameMapping, attribute or Screen Coordinate.


You may be able to extend the recognition by using Object Mapping.




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Hi @piotrtulazinski 


I see that the mapping is off.  Is that from using Object Spy or are you looking at the name mapping and using it to view the object?  Do you get the correct object information anyway?

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All it's written in Python, these are an existing tests.

Got whole test repository from someone who left company without explaining me anything.

I've lost working VM and need to setup new one for regression.

On new VM all tests are failing, looks like the TestComplete can't aim on buttons/fields, all is shifted.

Below is an example of selecting plus ("+") button which should add new tab in application.

Thank you for your help!




If I select this shifted red field I'm getting correct object information.

For me logging level is to high, I would like to know more what is going on with the code.

Thank you for your help!






Thank you for your assist.

It was related to the scaling of a remote session - I had to change it from 125% to 100%.

Everything is very small but it's working. 

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