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Object instance issue

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Object instance issue

Several forms that use the same code in dotNET and test complete is trying to use object name not the object within the instance.  Is there any way around this?  I have 2 windows open which are two different instances with two different sets of data and test complete is trying to use the first instance when it should be using the second.  Object name is the same in both.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hello Vanessa,

By default, TestComplete addresses .NET objects by their native names. So, if there are several objects with the same name, it is not clear which one to address.

To avoid such problems, you can do any of the following:

1. Ask your developers give unique names to objects.

2. Use the Name Mapping feature and map the objects by a property set that identifies each of the objects uniquely.

3. Disable the "Use native object names for TestComplete object names" option for your TestComplete project. For details, see the "Project Properties - General Open Applications Options" help topic.


Customer Care Manager
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