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4 months ago

wndafx class changes in every instances.



I'm currently evaluating TestComplete for testing our Desktop Application. We have a tree structure in our application. When I record and play a test, the test gets passed. But if I restarts my virtual machine and attempt to run the same test, the tool fails to identify the tree structure.


In the test results, I encounter the 'treeList object does not exist' error. Additionally when I check the "Show in Object Browser" option, it displaying an error stating 'Unable to highlight this object, because it does not exist' error.


Nevertheless, when I create a new test using the record option, it plays successfully and passes. In the Name Mapping, I notice the creation of a new wndafx object with different wnd class values like wndafx1.


Old - wndafx (wnd class- Afx:00090000:8*)

New - wndafx1 (wnd class- Afx:00F80000:8*)


Like these, its creating on every instances.


Can you please advise on how to handle these dynamically changing class values?




  • The control that you are interacting with, could be dynamically created. Hence the name constantly changing. 


    See Name Mapping and Using Wildcards. You can use wildcards in name mapping.