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Not able to perform actions after window refresh

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Not able to perform actions after window refresh

i am not able to perform actions on objects after the window is refreshed by any previously performed actions.

I have tried to perform action on a window Form object and i am able to do so if I click on this object directly after logging into the application but if i do so after performing a set of actions on the same page that refreshes this page, i get the error message given below.


"You are trying to call the "WinFormsObject" method or property of the "WinFormsObject("stlpMain")" object that does not exist."


Can anyone help me out.


I am using TestComplete version 9 on desktop based application.

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Can you show the code that raises mentioned error? 

If I had to guess, I would say a top level object is having it's properties changed at some point. Once you lose a top level object/container, no child objects below it will be found either.


But, that's a guess. As @baxatob said, more detail on the error would help.

Thanks Colin..

Your insight helped me find a solution.

I used FindChild() to get to the object i needed to perform action on.

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