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Missing object for Silverlight

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Missing object for Silverlight

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currently trying to do functional Web testing using TestComplete 7.50, IE8 and
SilverLight 4.

The Silverlight objects can be found in TestComplete Object browser immediately
after IE started and displayed the page. While still working on the silverlight
app, adding information in to the field, the object browser will lose the
silverlight objects up to the SilverlightControlHost.Object(0) object.

Full name: Sys["Process"]("iexplore",
2)["Page"]("<contains the http string

Silverlight app will still work without any problems but testcomplete will show
none of the different objects.

If I try and use the object finder tool to highlight the specific object in
silverlight app, the red border will flash quickly around the object on screen
and only retrieve the object up to  SilverlightControlHost.Object(0)

The only way to get the objects back in the Object browser is to close and
restart the silverlight app again. Then if I’m lucky I will have access to the silverlight
objects for a while before Testcomplete lose the objects again.

Any script created using the objects in the object browser, when the objects
are available, works when executed but fails if the objects disappear from the
object browser.

Added screen shots of silverlight app and object browser with and without sub objects.

What is the reason for this and why can I not use the object finder tool to
select an object.




Silverlight 4 is not officially supported even by the current version of TestComplete, 7.52. We are planning to implement special support for applications based on Silverlight 4 in one of future versions of TestComplete.

TestComplete uses its UI Automation engine to test applications based on earlier versions of Silverlight. Several our customers were able to make TestComplete 7.52 work with Silverlight 4 applications. So, I suggest that you update your product and give it a try. You can read the "Testing Silverlight Applications with TestComplete" help topic for more information.

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