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Log Images Mixed Up

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Log Images Mixed Up


I'm using html format to store my results. However is seems every now and again my logs are getting the screenshots mixed up.

This is not a fault of the test script, as it can run once and be correct, then at a later date run and have mixed up images.

My test suite is pretty massive so some of the log files get up around the 100MB range.

To save the log files i'm using 

Log.SaveResultsAs('C:\AutomatedTestLogs', 1);

Any ideas what could be going on here?


Hi Kyle,

We are not aware of this problem. I can give you a couple of tips to reduce the size of the test log as this can help:

1. Switch to the PNG format for images if you are using another one at the moment. Please find more information in the Specifying Log Images Format help topic.

2. Disable event messages by calling the Log.LockEvents method at the beginning of your tests. Find information on the method in the Log.LockEvents help topic.

If the tips above do not help, could you please send us a sample log demonstrating the problem via the Contact Support form?
Dmitry Nikolaev

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