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Keyword Test - Terminating Application Under test

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Keyword Test - Terminating Application Under test

I am developing testcase in Keywordtest method and looking to ways to terminate the TestedApp application once the testcase execution is completed. Using Call Object method operation I was able to terminate the TestedApp after the execution is completed but I am looking for other ways to terminate the application in keyword test. In Scripting we can use "TestedApps["AAABBB"]["Terminate"]()" method.  Is there any better ways we can terminate the application in Keywordtest. Please provide suggestion

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Call Object Method is your best bet.  The object you will use is the object that corresponds to the Tested application.  Or, you can use Sys.Process("appName") as the object and call terminate on that.

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With Terminate you means really erminate .. brutal stop with possibly leaving open handles and so on  or simply closing the apps ?


You can also send ALT-F4 to the apps or send a WM_CLOSE message (win32 api).

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