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JUnit output for TestComplete in Azure DevOps?


JUnit output for TestComplete in Azure DevOps?

Hi all,


I'm trying to run TestComplete in Azure DevOps for the first time, formerly I was using Jenkins which gave me nicely formatted report output with the TestComplete plugin.

I have my pipeline (classic mode) running and logging test failures, but the error content is very limited.

The mht file is attached, but comes up blank on every browser/viewer I've tried it with (yes, I've enabled Internet Explorer compatibility).  I can view the file on the machine that executed the test, but not the file attached to the pipeline.

Has anyone had success with configuring report output to JUnit format? Or maybe something else?

I have a pipeline running Cypress with JUnit report output, it's (slightly) more informative and supported natively with Publish Test Results.

I know TestComplete supports a command line switch to output to JUnit, but I don't know how I would invoke it in this context.



I found a workaround.  In the Visual Studio Tests step I specified a fixed local folder on the (self-hosted) test machine as the 'Test results folder', then made that Shared so I can access it from my machine over the network.

I can view the mht files published to that folder that correspond to any test failures reported in ADO, and just ignore the attached mhts in ADO.


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