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How to automate slider for the transparency in testcomplete c# scripting

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How to automate slider for the transparency in testcomplete c# scripting

I have the feature to implement the watermark on the entire page with few properties among them one is to show the transparency of the watermark on the page. Transparency can adjust through slider I am attaching the picture along with. Kindly suggest me best possible solutions how can I handle this scenario?



HI @Amna 


Hope all is well. 


hmm, Sliders can be tricky. 


Do you know if TestComplete has native access to the slider object or just the window around the slider? 


If you native access then we can control how we automate this using object properties. 

However if you do not have native access to the slider then you could consider an LLP object 


Check out this document




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No, I haven't any idea about Native access... Kindly tell me how can I record low level procedures at screen and window level as in my testcomplete I am unable to view the option

Hi @Amna 


Lowlevel procedures information can be found here:


Let me know if you have further questions.



Hi @Amna 


When you are recording your test, 


There is an expand button on your record widget (arrow pointing down) 


Click on this, and then click on Test Type> Low level recording window co-ordinates or screen co-ordinates. 


I would try window co ordinates first as it may be a little more reliable. 


If that doesnt work then try screen co-ordinates





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Thanks, everyone!


@Amna were you able to solve the issue by using the suggested approaches?

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