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5 years ago

WndClass: Transparent Windows Client

I am trying to check if this window has fully opened.  But I cannot get any details inside the window.  I have attached a screen shot of the object spy.  Niether of the methods below (Window and WaitWindow) find the window....( I am confused by the WndClass and the "\\Remote" on the WndCaption).


x = p.WaitWindow("*","ewc01 - Detailed Employee Work Calendar - [JUN17 - BUS - "+date1+" - "+date2+"]",1000);
i = 0;
while (!(x.Exists))
x = p.Window("*","ewc01 - Detailed*");
if (i > 10) break;

  • In my understanding, the "Transparent Windows Client" is actually the wrapper around an application that is service up by an application server like Citrix.  TestComplete cannot "drill down" into the contents of such an application because it is, technically, not running on the local machine but is, instead, running on a remote machines.

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    Several things perhaps :

    - Does the content of the windows is drawed only (could you interact with elements inside ?)

    - Perhaps a missing configuration in object mapping ?

    - \\Remote let me think that windows content is remotely set,  is it a networked application ?

    - Is there any child available when looking in the spy inspector ?


    What do you mean by "fully opened" ? Is it you want to wait that all items are loaded ? or just that the windows is visually opened ?

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      Hello BenoitB,


      Yes, I can interact (highlight etc) with rows, boxes etc inside the window.

      I have the object mapped, child count is 0.

      Yes, the app runs on an server.

      Using the spy, only the outline of the page gets a red box.  Cannot focus on anything inside with either the "Drag to target" or the "Point and fix".

      I need to wait until all items are loaded, this can take up to 1 minute....

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        Ok so i keep this:

        - Perhaps a missing configuration in object mapping ?


        But in your case, without working with u IRL it would be hard to help you. Need more infos about the app tested (name if it's a commercial one, made in wich langage ?, ..).


        hmmm ... perhaps its a ActiveX component with an iexplore sub processs. I've already encountered this kind of **bleep**ty grid (Sage X3 v6). Look with a serious task explorer to find any subprocess of this application.

        In this case, ... good luck because elements are created only when navigating inside the grid with keyboard ....


        Can you make a right click of the grid and perhaps you have a form view instead a grid view ?