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How to add radio buttons to a UserForm?

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How to add radio buttons to a UserForm?

Can someone please post an example that shows how to add a radio button to a UserForm?


I have a UserForm that contains a TcxRadioGroup whose Name property is radioGroup.  If I want to add a radio button to that radio group, I assume I need something like this:


var userForm = UserForms.MyForm;
userForm.RadioGroup.Properties.Items.Add( something );

but I can find no documentation or examples of the mysterious "something" in the above example.  The only relevant documentation (such as it is) is here.

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As far as I can tell, the items can be added only at the design time (see the attached screenshot). They cannot be added during the run-time. 

Yuriy Peshekhonov
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The Items.Add() method returns the new radio button, so:


var frm = UserForms.MyForm;
var rb = frm.radioGroup.Properties.Items.Add();
rb.Caption = "My caption";

Note that code completion does not display most of the available properties and methods.  For reference, the manual page for the TcxRadioGroupItem object is here.

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