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7 years ago

Radio button captions do not display

EDIT: This is clearly a bug of some sort.  Whenever I touch the form in the editor (for example, by adding a button or a text box), all of the radio button captions disappear.  Similarly, when I display the form, the radio button captions are gone (as shown below in the screen snapshot).  I will open a support case...


I'm trying to use a UserForm (for the first time), and something is broken.  My form looks like this.  As you can see, I've set Caption properties for all of the radio buttons.


My script code looks like this:


function Test1()
  // Get the website to test
  var userForm = UserForms.StartupForm;
  var formResult = userForm.ShowModal();
  var loginUrl;
  switch (userForm.radioGroup.ItemIndex) {
    case  0: loginUrl = "http://localhost:22387"; break;
    case  1: loginUrl = ""; break;
    case  2: loginUrl = userForm.txtOther.Text; break;
    default: Log.Error("No base URL selected.");

  // Open the website

But when I run the code, the form captions are all blank:


Any idea what I may be missing?

  • And the answer is... yes, it's a bug.  It will be fixed in TestComplete 12.50.  For now, the "correct" way to set the captions is via the Properties | Items dialog.  See the attached video for a demonstration.