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Get the Execution time (Start and End Time)


Get the Execution time (Start and End Time)


I am trying to get the below Information once the Test Suite Execution is completed.Is their any built in function available?

1.Start and End time of Test execution once

2.Run time

3.File name

4.No.of Errors

5.No.of Warnings

6.Duration taken to complete the Test Suite Execution(Diff between start and End time)

Can anyone help me how to get the data?




Hi Madhavisri,

You can get this information using the script below:

function getResults()


  Log.Message("See Information data in the Additional Info panel", getInformationData());


function getInformationData()


  var tempFolder = aqEnvironment.GetEnvironmentVariable("temp") + "\\" + Math.floor(Math.random() * 10000) + "\\";


  Log.SaveResultsAs(tempFolder, lsXML);


  var xDoc = Sys.OleObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument.4.0");

  xDoc.load(tempFolder + "Description.tcLog");

  // Warning count

  var wrnC = VarToInteger(xDoc.selectSingleNode('Nodes/Node[@name="root"]/Prp[@name="warning count"]/@value').text);

  //Error count

  var errC = VarToInteger(xDoc.selectSingleNode('Nodes/Node[@name="root"]/Prp[@name="error count"]/@value').text);

  //Execution time

  var startTime = VarToFloat(xDoc.selectSingleNode('Nodes/Node[@name="root"]/Prp[@name="start time"]/@value').text);

  var stopTime = VarToFloat(xDoc.selectSingleNode('Nodes/Node[@name="root"]/Prp[@name="stop time"]/@value').text);

  aqFileSystem.DeleteFolder(tempFolder, true);


  var res =

    "Errors: " + errC + "\r\n" +

    "Warnings: " + wrnC + "\r\n" +

    "Start Time: " + DateTimeToStr(startTime) + "\r\n" +

    "Stop Time: " + DateTimeToStr(stopTime) + "\r\n" +

    "Run Time: " + aqConvert.DateTimeToFormatStr(stopTime - startTime, "%H:%M:%S");

  return res;    

Dmitry Nikolaev

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Thank you for this code. I am using it on different machines. On my machine it runs perfectly. But recently we installed 2 more machines and on them the following command produces a JScript error:

var xDoc = Sys.OleObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument.4.0");

What can be the cause of this problem? I guess some libraries are missing, am I right?

Using TestComplete 9.0.2460.7
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The solution was found by a colleague: msxml.msi was missing. Get it here.
Using TestComplete 9.0.2460.7
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Hello i need the same along with

  •   Test duration

  •   Total Project Test Items

  •   Executed Project test items

  •  Passed and Failed test item count.

how to get it from log file

[Equivalent VBScript for above example]

function getResults()


 Log.Message "See Information data in the Additional Info panel",  getInformationData


End function





function getInformationData


 tempFolder = aqEnvironment.GetEnvironmentVariable("temp") & "\" & Int(rnd * 10000) & "\"



  Log.SaveResultsAs tempFolder, lsXML


  Set xDoc = Sys.OleObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument.4.0")

  Call  xDoc.load(tempFolder + "Description.tcLog")






 ' // Warning count


  wrnC = VarToInteger(xDoc.selectSingleNode("Nodes/Node[@name='root']/Prp[@name='warning count']/@value").text)



  '//Error count

  errC = VarToInteger(xDoc.selectSingleNode("Nodes/Node[@name='root']/Prp[@name='error count']/@value").text)


 ' //Execution time


  startTime = VarToFloat(xDoc.selectSingleNode("Nodes/Node[@name='root']/Prp[@name='start time']/@value").text)


  stopTime = VarToFloat(xDoc.selectSingleNode("Nodes/Node[@name='root']/Prp[@name='stop time']/@value").text)



  aqFileSystem.DeleteFolder tempFolder,true


  getInformationData = "Errors: " & errC & vblf &_

   "Warnings: " & wrnC & vblf &_

   "Start Time: " & DateTimeToStr(startTime) & vblf &_

   "Stop Time: " & DateTimeToStr(stopTime) & vblf &_

   "Run Time: " & aqConvert.DateTimeToFormatStr(stopTime - startTime, "%H:%M:%S")


End function

Hello Dmitry


Trying to implement your code I received this error message


Error Invalid class string: cannot obtain ClassID.


I was hoping you could shed some light on it.


Thank you


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That error is generated by the line that calls Sys.OleObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument.4.0")


Basically, it means that, in your environment, that particular MSXML object does not exist.

Try changing the code to simply Sys.OleObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument") and leave the version information off the end. That MIGHT fix it.

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