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Find Objects from its Chid


Find Objects from its Chid



I want to TC recognize a objects from objects' child. I have many objects that are same but they child are diffrent.


How can I solve this Problem? 

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Use of Parent property of object ?

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What you can do is..:

1) Search for the desired values by clicking this parent button [...] (see screen number01)

2) Using the .findxxx() function with parameters such as "Parent.Parent.ObjectIdentifier" means that you can move up or down the object viewer structure using Parent prop.

3) Searching for an object directly inside the object viewer using Sys.

I want find parent from her child. For example, I have 100 windows with same property just diffrent footer. I use extended but that waist too much time. I am looking for faster way.
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NameMapping has a feature called "required children".  You can indicate an object by including in the mapping criteria that it has certain required children.

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Thank you for suggestions everyone!


@MadGrb is Required Children what you are looking for? Please let us know how this works or your use case.

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