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Feature Request "Add object here" to allow adding an object at a top-level well identified node

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Feature Request "Add object here" to allow adding an object at a top-level well identified node

It would be really usefull if the object spy could be made to work relative to a specified node in the name mapping.  Eg Right-clicking a well identified node and selecting "add object here" which then opens the spy tool.   Extended-find will then be used to ensure the object is found at test-run-time.


As it is TC forces new mappings to map objects, creating upteen parent DIV/Panel objects with little or no identifable properties which then must be carefully removed afterwards.  If not they clutter the object map and cause problems at test-run-time or when new objects are added, duplicated objects for instance.


This allows a top-down approach to be used to manage the object map rather than the bottom-up approach inherent in the Spy tool.

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@jpr348 Did you try the Map Child Objects feature?

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Thanks for posting this, @jpr348. Could you please check if Marsha's suggestion works for you?

If you still need a new feature to be implemented, please submit a feature request here:



Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Thanks.  That does work.  I noticed TC always has the "allow this option to be found at any level" checkbox enabled by default and the resulting mappings are not attached to it's parent but some other top level parent. 


(Using extended find causes us problems and messes up our name mapping so I've stopped using it except as an absolute last resort where no static mappings cannot be used.)


Also by default TC extremelly sparse ID's when automatic mapping is used which along with extended find is a recipe for mis-recogition.  I've started to use templates with an increased numbers of properties which has massively improved the reliabilty of object recognition and speed of testing.

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