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Error on Slave machine while running distributed testing

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Error on Slave machine while running distributed testing

While Running distributed testing (Test Complete v 11.31.2420 being used on both Master and Slave machines), Microsoft Visual C++ run time library error window displayed on slave machine which causes terminating test complete in slave machine.


is there any solution for this?

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It looks like application issue.


Does this test work locally?

Yes, it works locally. and also works in another master and slave set of machines. looks some additional libraries are missing in the slave machine.


We have an open issue with the SmartBear programming department on this.

I spent 6 weeks sharing my master and slave machines with every level of support, all the way to the Programmers in Russia.

The only work around we came up with was to keep 11.31 installed on all the machines. (Master and 3 slaves.)

We put the previous version 11.30 of the file TestCompleteService11.exe into the \TestExecute\Bin folder on each slave machine. Started the service back up and then it worked.

I am still wait for a response from the Support department. I see that they came our with version 12, but there is no mention of them fixing this issue in 12.

We are going to hold off on upgrading to 12 until a response comes to us from this issue.

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