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Credential dialog - TC not seeing any objects, e.g. the user name and password fields


Credential dialog - TC not seeing any objects, e.g. the user name and password fields


    Any ideas on how to get TC to recognize the user name and password fields in a windows security dialog? This is for a Sharepoint Site. All object spy can see is Sys.Process("CredentialUIBroker").Window("Credential Dialog Xaml Host", "Windows Security", 1)

Any help is appreciated.


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Check if this can be handled with the help of Login() method -


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Hi @Southpaw,


Does Alex's suggestion help you?

Tanya Yatskovskaya
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@TanyaYatskovska  - Hi Tanya. I apologize. I left town for a trip. Got in last night and just now going thru my emails & such. I didnt have a chance yet to try the solution. In looking at it I feel it will be a viable solution. 



The recomendation did not work. I found this TestComplete cannot spy/ see Windows Security pop up in Win10

with no resolution. Is this still a limitation of TestComplete and Windows 10 security pop up? I tried to spy but just as in the thread pasted here, all it sees is a credential dialog of sorts, and no ui elements/ objects within the dialog.


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