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Connect Snowflake DB to TestComplete

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Connect Snowflake DB to TestComplete

How can we execute query through snowflake on testcomplete using javascript and verify the data in testcomplete itself?

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I've never heard of Snowflake DB before! 


If Snowflake DB has an ODBC Driver, then refer to Working With Databases and see the example for Connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server Database Using ADO. You need to use the correct Connection String for Snowflake DB. 


Ensure you use the correct architecture for your ODBC Driver, either 32-bit or 64-bit.

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Access to database data in TestComplete uses the same approach for any database.

Primary option is ADO-based (Access Data Objects in the form of either native ADO COM objects or ADO Support extension provided by TestComplete. The latter is just a wrapper around native ADO). ADO requires either database-specific OE DB provider or ODBC driver. The bitness of OLE DB provider or ODBC driver must match TestComplete's bitness (or vise versa) and not necessarily must match the bitness of the database engine,

To use this option you must find either OLE DB provider or ODBC driver for Snowflake and then follow help section.


Secondary option is when/if the database does not provide any OLE DB/ODBC access but instead provides some DLL that makes it possible to access database data. In this case one can access database data by utilizing this DLL as per help section.


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