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Chrome opens and randomly generates a "Unable to navigate to the <URL>" error

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Chrome opens and randomly generates a "Unable to navigate to the <URL>" error

I randomly get the "unable to navigate to the <URL>" error message regularly when launching test cases manually on my local PC as well when running the test case against a VM using Azure DevOps pipeline. When this issue occurs, Chrome is launched, but the URL is never entered which causes the test case to fail. Every test case after this point fails. This is a hit or miss issue that started after the Chrome/TestComplete incompatibility issue in May that look everyone down.




I'm using the Run Browser option and have my URL entered as expected. I have also ensured that I have the Chrome browser configured based on TestComplete documentation.



I have submitted case 00559743 on this issue and was advised to run the following .bat files.  

C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestComplete 15\Bin\Extensions\tcCrExtension\DisableChromeExtension.bat
C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestComplete 15\Bin\Extensions\tcCrExtension\EnableChromeExtension.bat

This process was run, but the issue is still occurring.


As anyone else experienced this random issue?  Any suggestions on how to fix to work around?

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Did you tell Support that the fix didn't work?

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Yes, they just said that I needed to implement the OnStopTestCaseEvent process.  To me that is a work around; not a fix.

You said in your original post that the issue is still occurring. Did you try everything that Support said and it's still not working?


It has been my experience during work at several software companies that any issue with a workaround is not likely to get an immediate fix. If what Support gave you is successful in getting your tests going again, then I would proceed with that. 

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I will implement the suggested workaround OnStopTestCaseEvent in this sprint cycle.  Once I get it implemented, I can see if this solves my issue.  Thank you for the information.


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