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Can i use wild card exprexxion in object check point or propery check point.

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Can i use wild card exprexxion in object check point or propery check point.


In my test, I am validating the content of PDF report that load on screen.

I did object check point to validate the window appears.

This is what is captured.


But when i try to execute again it is not able to validate the check point as the value of that object now is this .


So basically the nameing is changed in the place where it says ATL0983F790  to  ATL0983F790 when it executed the other time.

So everytime that number changes. i tried to use wild card  ATL*F790, but says invalid check point.

Can you please check how can i validate my property check points or object check points when it is changing like this.
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Hi i changed the number where it is changing everytime the test executes to * in name emapping. So it worked.

But now i am capturing text on the page with property check point which is recorded as


The text in bold changes every time the test executes  in it's number part . So instead of 11 it shows some other number. So my check point is failing all the time.

I went to name mapping , these are the properties of that check point as recorded.

Inner text : Commonwealth Technical Institute 2010-2011 QAAUTO93, LIZZETTE - Independent - Ready To Send

idStr: ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_lblStudentInfo

objectIdentifier: ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_lblStudentInfo

Actually I want to validate the check point that is captured contains the text " Independent - Ready To Send".

Please suggest me how to change in the name mapping so that it validates the check point.

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Hi I could do this by changing the number in the inner text string of the properties to wild expression.


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