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Azure DevOps Integration Test Execute version that is launched.


Azure DevOps Integration Test Execute version that is launched.

When integrating with Azure DevOps using the TestComplete Test Adapter, you select the 'Preferred test runner' of either 'TestExecute' or 'TestComplete'.

Where would we specify whether the 32bit or 64bit version should be run?



Brad Knutson

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@bknutson you mentioned "Oracle query functionality and getting errors" - how are you performing the query (SQL query?), are you using ODBC?



Try to create Support ticket via the form. Hopefully, they will help you...


As a quick workaround you may try to rename <TestExecute>\x64\bin\TestExecute.exe to something else. There is a chance that test adapter will resort to 32-bit TE flavor if it (test adapter) is smart enough...


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I was wondering if I could rename one of those executables to try and 'trick it out' but, have not attempted that yet.  I believe I have a 64bit ODBC query and setup that might work.  I will just push all the setup down to the agents and hope I don't run into a conflict.  If that doesn't work I will manipulate the agents more as Kitt suggested.

Thanks everyone for the assistance.

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If you have a 64 bit operating system, you can run 32 bit applications. If you have a 32 bit application accessing a 32 bit database, then you need the correct ODBC driver. i.e. 32 bit.



Thanks rraghvani.  I think I was running into a 'mix' of database bit versions.  They have been converting things but, I don't think everything has been switched over yet.  However, I am able to get things working now with some 64bit ODBC so, hopefully I can just continue down that path.

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