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Are there any characters that can cause Compare Properties to fail?

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Are there any characters that can cause Compare Properties to fail?

I am using the String 


and TestComplete consistently reports on Compare Properties that my field does not contain this substring, even though it prints it back to me exactly the same

Are there any characters that perhaps Compare Properties does not like? If I enter less special characters like 
THEquickbrownfoxjumpedoverthelazydog@#% then it usually works but I am afraid there are 1 or more characters that consistently causes this check to fail. Is it perhaps also the order of the characters?

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Slashes and quotes can be taken as control characters in coding sometimes, not just in TC.  


I would try adding aqConvert.VarToStr to both the values being compared just to force them each into being a string and see if that helps.


You can also try using two slashes and two quotes or double quotes in each spot where you have one.  Two in a row can sometimes convey "I am a string" instead of "I am a control character".

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Thanks a lot, Marsha!


Hi @csteinburg , does this answer your question?

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