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5 years ago

=,& characters are replacing with special Character

Request type -GET

While reading & and = from excel and passing it as query parameter in SOAP UI for then value "&" ,"=" are replacing with %3D and %26 character and due to that i am not geting correct response ,So could anyone help  me out over here to resolve this issue ?

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  • It could be that all you have to do is change the Encoding to UTF-8 under the REST Request Properties tab to get it to work


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      Thank you for your response ,i checked from my end as per your answer but unable to resolve .

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    Hi mrarkapravo,

    The behaviour (replacing special chars with percent encoding) is standard HTTP behaviour. This is because the :, =, /, & and a couple of others are reserved and have special meaning in HTTP requests.

    You can disable the percent encoding but its inadvisable to do unless you have a good reason. On top of that i'm 100% that the issue youre having is not related to your characters being percent encoded....its caused by something else.

    Double check and you'll see.

    Suggest googling "percent encoding" or "html encoding" and this will explain things much better than i have!